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Ninja magnets on a losing weight mission… BY CELIA

If the title made you smile, I am happy. This new blog entry is about how the magnets can help you losing weight.

If you don´t enjoy reading (or don´t have time…) I would go directly to the video…

Very LITTLE story to introduce the topic…

Once upon a time, I was practicing yoga with “Master Lelly”, and I was trying to arrive with my hands to the floor. It was hard, the wooden old floor seemed so far away, and it was painful.

Suddendly she said something that changed my perspective of everything and made me touch the floor in a glimpse (and no pain). She said try to arrive UP with your hips instead of going DOWN with your hands.


This is exactly what happens with the fat and the toxins in our body. We try to eliminate fats, but we forget that they are there to protect us from the toxins…

On top of that, is summer, and you are looking down to your belly. Or… is it to your bottom?

Stop reading, go with your hand to your belly? Is there a little roll there? Or Cellulitis on your legs?

Anyway, Mirror is not lying and you are a couple of kilos (sorry I don´t know about stones) overweight…

This is what I want to talk about today. Short and concise, so we don´t waste our time…

Can magnets help with overweight?

Oh, yes!

But understanding your body as well. In my video, I will give you 3 positions that will help you with the overweight.

  • Number One: the thyroid negative on the right, and positive against the skinn left
  • Number Two: in the middle of the thyroid negative, right cheeck positive
  • Number three: in the middle of the thyroid negative, positive on top of the heart

And now, how to get rid of your toxins…

  • Green smoothies are a good solution (I will write another blog about it if you ask me to)
  • Have your breakfast later and your dinner earlier (so your body has more time to cleanse)
  • Soon, more positions with the magnets.



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