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Magnets or… Not? When the body Rises its Temperature

Can magnets help if my little one has a high temperature? I share with you some tips…

Have you ever being looking at your little one for the whole night? Asking your self why on hell the termomether says 39?


Of course they can, there are magnets for Sinus, magnets for Fever, magnets for a Cold….There are almost magnets for everything… The question here is Are magnets the best in the situation?

So I learnt a lot about the body temperature and what to do, and not to do. I can only recommend this book “A Guide to Child Health by Wolfgang Goebel”.

We need to understand first that to have temperature is a VERY good signal, that our own inmune system is working, and second, that our bodies (specially the little ones) need to train, in order to be able to fight other conditions, like allergies, among many other things.

Then we need to have a good thermomether, not an electronic one. I like the old school mercury ones, but they are dangerous when broken.

When the body is rising its temperature, the feet and the lower legs feel really cold, if we feel we want to help our little ones lowering the temperature, we need to wait untill the feet feel a bit warmer (or very warm).  The last few nights I used Belladona 30 ch (Homeopathy), and wet towels around the lower legs, next to the ankles).

Sometimes the Trust a father (or a mother) have in their little ones, is stronger than the stronger medicine! (But have the medicine -and the magnets- nearby).

I look at Rowen with new eyes, her little body has lost weight, but gain inner trust in her self! May this illness help her to be stronger in the future!!!!




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