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Magnet Therapy

Observe how, as you balance the pH of your organs in your body, your life changes.

Understanding Magnets

Come to a session, book an online session, or do the training course.

Download My Book For Free

Download My Book For Free

my tour in England

This summer will be different workshops and classes in the Newforest and London.

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My Shop

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Biomagnetic Pair and Magnet Therapy

Biomagnetic Pair is a therapy which seeks to correct pH distortions in our body in order to detect, classify, correct and prevent both simple and complex pathologies. These distortions have an impact on the working of internal organs, causing dysfunctions and disorders.

Biomagnetic pair currently works on around 300 points found throughout the body. In your hour with me, we will discover as many points as possible to bring you balance and I will show you how to treat yourself. That’s the magic…

About Me


I have treated more than 400 people in the last 9 years, both in person and online. I’ve refined my intuition to the highest degree and I’m capable of ‘connecting’ with your body such that I receive information related to your health and your current situation in the context of your personal journey.

As a Biomagnetic Pair therapist, I show you how to balance the pH of your body with magnets, which correct imbalances that can have as their consequence the hosting of a virus, bacterial infection, parasite, or glandular dysfunction.

Thanks to the extrasensory perception of my hands I am able to bypass the mind and listen to the inherent wisdom of your body. Don’t miss it.


  • Pam Gregory

    Pam Gregory

    Celia can see inside you, and speak to the organs in your body (amazing!)

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  • Sally Kirby

    Sally Kirby

    If you’re struggling to make sense of things on a physical level, it’s time to go deeper, let Celia speak to your body on a spiritual level – you will be enlightened for sure.

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  • Alexa


    Rather than feeling frustrated with my body she helped me understand.

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  • Pam (Skype)

    Pam (Skype)

    I felt very much better straight after the session, which was lucky as I had an hour long live video interview, which went really well.

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  • Sara


    I’ve now had several online sessions and they’re just as powerful, if not more so, than my in-person session.

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  • Katie Page

    Katie Page

    Her support, kindness and insights to my family have been invaluable.

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  • Sara (Skype)

    Sara (Skype)

    Celia could see where I was physically sitting (I had my session in my office) and direct me to move slightly to sit in a better energy area.

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