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Learn biomagnetism

in a simple and fun way to balance your pH and take care of your physical and emotional well-being

Receive my book Magic Magnets for free and start placing the magnets, even if you start from scratch.

I send emails with practical advice to my subscribers so that they can practice with magnets and be more confident when applying them in any situation.

If you want to go deeper, I have a course and you will receive a link in my emails so that you can decide if you want to join.

Security and trust, do you already have them?

When you discover a complementary therapy for health or for your consultation such as biomagnetism, a world of possibilities opens up before you. The use of magnets attracts you because you have been told that they work and you want to use them. Or perhaps you have already tried them, you have seen a video, read a book or attended a workshop. Still, doubts assail you.

Whether you are a therapist or seek to heal your own ailments.

Am I putting the magnets right?

Will I be able to heal myself or will I put my health or that of my child, partner, friend at risk?

Will I be able to heal myself or will I put my health or that of my child, partner, friend at risk?

Will I be able to apply them without having a clue about medicine, acupuncture and other therapies?

Now I’m going to be very honest with you…

These doubts can always accompany you until you are sure that you are using the magnets well and a guide nearby that marks the correct steps.

Biomagnetism can be very complex or very simple. Many believe that it is essential to speak “in Chinese”, use very scientific terminology or have notions of medicine, acupuncture or reiki. My proposal does not go there. Is different.

I am clear, concise and I like
have fun while taking my health seriously.

You can use magnets and help many people without ever being limited by distance

You need to understand how the body works and learn to detect possible anomalies to place the magnets. But, above all, you have to start and practice. And again. The more you know about other types of therapies, physiology or anatomy, the better. That is a plus that will facilitate the process and I will not deny it.

But you can also start from scratch. Without knowing anything about it.

And my goal is to make that learning fun and as easy as possible.

What if we talk about the body being like a hotel and each organ a room?

This is understandable, right? So that’s my explanation.

Start practicing following in the footsteps of my book

…where you will understand many of the concepts in which you now get lost and frustrated.

I will send you advice to follow
learning through everyday stories with which you can identify

Magic Magnets,  a very graphic manual to learn biomagnetism from scratch

The book that you can print or consult on your mobile to find the position of the magnets whenever you have doubts. Simple, direct and very graphic. So that even a child can understand it. 

In this manual you will find many explanations like these:

  How is your body like a pool of stagnant green water full of bugs when you have a PH imbalance.

  One of the most valuable pairs that you will never forget when you want to treat any type of inflammation.

  What can you do with two simple magnets when you travel or go out of your routine and your stomach gets angry and what will be the use of taking them on the plane. Of course, away from the mobile, the computer and your credit cards.

  The two easiest and fastest rules to treat any ailment.

  Where to put the magnets when you seem short of breath (anxiety) or feel such deep sadness that it makes you feel like your heart is breaking to pieces.

The most frequent uses you can make of magnets are
collected in ebook format.

You will find drawings and tables with all the positions of magnets to treat stomach and digestive problems, skin problems, coughs, colds, sinusitis…and control emotions such as anger, rage, fear, anxiety, depression or chronic fatigue.

All this in exchange for a name and an email. Easy.