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How does a Biomagnetism-Consultation help

This post is ideal if you are thinking of booking an online session…

” Celia was very blunt, and I thank her for that. And outsider looking in with a clear statement really got me thinking”

“Pete (false name) had no idea what would happen in the consultation, he just trusted his heart, and the person who recommended me. He reserved online. His magnets are inside a green envelope direction South Korea, and the consultation was very helpful”

Some keys to understand how this consultation might change your life…

Magnets work, with or without the therapist, I can promised that.

You just need to know where to apply them, and this can be solved online, as long as you have a pair of magnets and the information you need.

How do they work?

First they work on a physical level…They move ions of hidrogen back into their place, and so they restablish balance in your body. Depending on where the unbalance is located you could be hosting bacteria, parasites, fungus or virus, if you check the web under “biomagnetic pair” there is more information about it.

But they also work to restablish balance after a turmoil of emotions… Who doesn´t have emotions? Dripping tears in front of your computer? or the sensation after a few stressful years in your job, that nothing can move you up your sofa? Feeling lonely? Depressed? All this emotions have an effect on your body… And Ok, ok, Magnets might not bring your beloved back to life, but can restablish the unbalance that the Grief (or sadness, or worrying, or anger) has created, and this will make you stronger to… Who knows? Only your mind can stop you…

Here there is a video explaining how an online consultation works, and how it can help you… I made it for one of my pacients, and it really helped him…

If ever you are in the situation where you think I can help… here it is!



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