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4 signs of acidity in your body, and how to reverse it

There are 4 distinctive signs that your body is acidic. Are you ready? If you continue to read, I also talk about a genius solution, that does not have to do with going on a diet, or with EMF(electromagnetic fields), or stress management…

A little clue? Today we are going to concentrate on pH.

The pH of our body needs to be balanced, neither acidic nor alkaline. If your pH is unbalanced, your body can not function properly, and the situation can only get worse, as to neutralize the acidity, your body withdraws alkaline minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium from its own reserves mainly from the bones, joints and teeth.

But first things first!! Do you have you any of these symptoms?


When your body is very acidic, it produces more insulin, and therefore more fat. Acidity may often be the reason why people can not lose weight.

If your body is struggling to buffer acidity and becomes overburdened, it may not be able to deal with toxins and so begin to store them in fat cells in order to protect itself.  This can make the body reluctant to shed the fat which would expose it to stored toxicity.

Our metabolism is incapable of burning calories if the body is fighting to keep the right pH balance

Bone weakness

When the body pH threatens to acidify, the first thing it does is to look for an alkaline source within. The problem is that alkalizing minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium are a key element of our bones and teeth. So if our body takes from them, these weaken.

Often when people suffer from frequent bone-related ailments it’s an indication that their body is too acidic. If we don’t reverse this, there is an increased risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis.

Sensitive Teeth

For the same reason that the bones weaken, our teeth follow the same path, and have higher sensitivity when it has to withdraw alkaline minerals from them in order to neutralise acidity and achieve ph balance.,The result is can be frequent cavities and/ or pain when eating cold or hot food.

Sleep problems

Lack of calcium due to acidity in the body can lead to negative consequences in the quality of sleep. People with an acidic pH can suffer from insomnia and rest poorly despite having felt really tired during the day.

Have you experienced any of this? I promised I would talk about an inexpensive solution… MAGNETS!!

If you don’t know anything about this therapy, don’t worry. It’s easy, fun, and effective. If you are near the New Forest next week, you’re in luck, as I will be personally running a workshop (magnets included) about how to get balanced with magnets.

Magnets have been around for so long (more than 5000 years) and are known to have an influence over the pH in our body. Did you know that we are 70% water?

To cut a long story short, we can apply magnets to re-balance different areas of our body. For more information, you can download my book for free. (here)




If you’re game, we can meet in Lymington next Wednesday at 18.30.

Here’s all the information…


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