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The Magnets Worry-cure by Celia

Enjoy a video and a great book recommendation…

Anna is an experienced worrier, that recommended me a beautiful book, call “the Worry Cure” that it is a must for most of us.

This week, I turned my soul into the worrying then, and praid for a blog that could help a lot of people…

I think the blog, and the video are worth reading/watching! Check for your self…

Worrying is everywhere, is the most extended illness of the 21 century. Most of us have learnt it from the parents. Is it possible to “stop”?

Trying to stop it wrongly- is like giving a glass of wine to an alcoholic, it only makes it painless for half an hour, and then is worst.

Can I help you?

Oh, yes! I can, I was a maratonian worrier!! I would tic almost all the boxes, “money, love, what the others will think…”

First of all, you need to look inside, and check WHY YOU WORRY.

  • Maybe you will find a solution?
  • You don´t want to overlook anything?
  • Do you want to be responsible?
  • Does it give you a FALSE sense of control?

When we worry, all our energy goes into your head, and it stops you connecting with your body, and your emotions. Once you know why you worry (which are your triggers), you can be aware of it happening… something like, “oh, is Celia again, worrying if she has enough in the frigde to eat” and then, instead of trying to “stop” it or substitute the thought, you can have a conscious breath, and check if there is an action that you can do about it: that is “transmute the worrying into action”.

Of course there are positions with the magnets. Worry is different to anxiety. Worry goes to your stomag and triggers your sweet teeth (so you can enjoy the sweetness of life) or just the contrary, cut your appetite off…

Here the magnet “worry-cure”

Put the negative magnet against the skinn towards the mouth of your stomag.

Put the positive magnet against the skinn right under.

Wait for 15 minutes.

Congratulations!!! You have rebalance your body!!

For a deeper work – out with your mind… book a session!!! And recommend me to all your Worry-friends!



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