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Magnets for the Flu

Flu time? – Magnets time!

In this post I want to give you some advice and some magnet-position that you can apply if you feel a cold or the flu coming. They are all valid for babies and little ones. Keep this post near you for the Winter…

After reading this post, you will have the tools to treat colds, coughs, and chest infections…For little babies I use smaller magnets, but you can use the ordinary ones, they are just more confortable to put in position…

Remember that you can download my book for free for more instructions!

To cut a long story short…

  • Apply the magnets during 15 minutes
  • Remember that the first image corresponds to negative towards the skin.

If you have neumonía, or if you have any doubt, is better to contact me directly. We can arrange a session. You can buy the magnets from the shop.

 Magnets for coughing?

Magnets for Sinus problems?

You can also put the magnets on both sides of your nose. (Check my book for more information!)

Magnets for a simple cold?

Prepare rather than repare, improve your inmunity with magnets…


I hope you enjoyed the blog. Remember that I am more available than ever, on Whatsap, instagram, skype… (or you can come and see me!)

You help me sharing this post with your friends, and spreading the information… 🙂

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