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Interviewing Nutritionist Becs : Healthy travelling

In this blogpost you will good advice in how to travel healthy: (with or without kids)

Becs is a nutritionist based in Orgiva. She Works (among others) for Kaliyoga, one of the most known yoga retreat centers in Europe. You will be able to find some of the products she recommends, and much more advice in her page

You can listen to the interview (not the best quality, but very nice) or read…

  • Becs, let´s start with long journeys,… taking a plane. How do you prepare? Which things would you take?
  • Equipmentwise,
    • In the big luggage, we always take a small chopping board, and a Sharp knife. In our handluggage we always take a big and a small spoon, big and small fork, and maybe some form of plastic knife that we “might” get allowed into the airplane, so that we have access to kind of chop things.
    • Foodwise we always take some dried fruit like raisins, moulberries gojiberries, and then there would be hummus, or some sort of nut based pate made with walnuts, balsamic vinegar and red pepper, blended together with garlic, and there will be always crudities, vegetables, but vegetables that are not going to go soggy. (which is very important with kids).
  • When you go on a journey, which type of containers do you take?
  • If the journey is just for a day, then we try to pack everything in glass containers, but for travelling long distance, and specially with luggage isnot feasible, so we always go for bpa free containers.
  • Where do you store your water?
  • Travelling in the Van, is stored in glass. If we are flying around, then in stainlessteel bottles that we take with us, and we drink and empty them JUST before going through security in the airport, and then we take with us all the journey.
  • When flying, do you take any food rich in antioxidants?
  • We always take Green powders with us, so a mix of chlorella, spirullina, wheatgrass, we do a blend that also has brocolli powder, and spinach powder in it, so we always take a green mix, that we have as a shot just before we fly, or when we have landed. You can mix this with a juice, which will make your child love it, because the juice neutralise the strong Green flavour, and it makes it really palatable for them, and then, we always take some energy balls, that might contain cacao, really rich in antioxidants, and will satisfy a sweet teeth.
  • Becs, just one question, all this ingredients that you are mentioning, are they available on your webpage?
  • We do something call cleansing greens, which is that mix that I said spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, spinach and bróccoli powder and is available in our website. We also do a Vitamin C boost powder, so if you see that your inmune system is weak, we do a blended fruit powder mix, which is gojiberries with Camu, camu and acerola. This last two being the higher sources of vitamin C in nature. You can get that as a powder, and just mix it with water. (And you could take that in the airplane)
  • When you go on a day´s journey, how do you prepare (as a mother), have you got like a proper box in your car, or any type of ready-to-go bag? A basket that you take around?
  • We have a cool bag, and a cool box, depending on the size of the journey or the amount of people that we are, we take a bag (just the three of us) or a box (if more people). Inside the basket there will already be the little chopping board, with the Sharp knife and the big and small spoons and forks. And then inside the bag we will put the food with a block of ice so that it will stay cool.
  • Containers?
  • Glass or stainlessteel, -camping style-. They are light but they are not always leakproof. They are therefore not good when flying.
  • Do you always take water with you?
  • Yes, always, is our number one thing to pack.
  • Imagine, is 9.45 and suddendly a good friend calls, at 10 you could go with her on a really nice journey. YOU HAVE 15 MINUTES TO PREPARE, what would you take?
  • I would grave a packet of crackers (they are my emergency corn crackers, that I make or I buy organic). One or two avocados, an amazing travelling food. Complete protein, good essential fats, I probably through in a couple of carrots, the peeler into the bags, probably some celery sticks, and a whole red pepper. I might also prepare us a different jar with some dried fruits (raisins, gojiberries, mulberries) and roasted toasted nuts, and seeds, and cacao nibs.
  • Would you take some greenpowders if you had them?
  • I would not for the daytrip. Usually we have them with the smoothie in the morning. If it would be an overnight trip, then yes. Definitly. If I had more time, or I had them ready, I would definitly take some hummus and guacamole with an iceblock.
  • Becs, imagine that you have a social ocasión and you have to order something from a restaurant, what would it be, and would you add something?
  • I might order a salad, and I might order just some plain grilled fish and I would add seeds into that (pumkin seeds,sunflower seeds, maybe some sesami) some times we travel if I am organize I might take hard boiled eggs, and I would add those.
  • Last but not least,… Napkins? How do you prepare them?
  • I cut a muslin into little pieces, wet them with water and aloevera gel, maybe a bit of treetea oil essence and put them into a container that seels properly.

Becs, is really kind to offer a pdf with some of her favorite récipes to travel, which you can download here…


If you want to have a look at her shop, I highly recommend it…

And here is a summing up of what you should have if travelling….


Cool bascket


Small chopping board

Sharp knife

Bpa free containers

Stainlessteel containers


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