Can magnets help with cancer?

If you still didn´t have Chimio, this post might dramatically improve your health. Is short, as usually, as I don´t want to waist a single minute of your precious life…“Life is too short, and we all are going to die (at least our bodies), but we are programmed to forget it constantly. This illness brings on one of the most important topics from our life… Death”

This post is too short for such a big topic. I want to share 1 magnet position that has been proved to help in case of cancer. As you read, I will also share some key information that has definitly help me with my cancer patients.

If  you have been diagnosed with cancer, and still you haven´t received chimiotherapy, you are welcome to use magnets, if you had Chimio, better avoid them. (According to my teacher, Isaac Goiz)

The position? Put the negative part of the magnet against right shoulder blade, and the positive part of the magnet against the left shoulder blade. Wait 15 minuts.

If y ou need magnets, or a session contact me.

The best place I know to gather information about this illness is a webpage called “The truth about Cancer”, google it! is worth doing!

As usually I say good bye, see you next week with a new post!!!

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