The 4 weeks ultimate meditation programm

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Learn the practice of meditation and get used to it in only 6 weeks.

  • ONLINE, (via skype)
  • Theory (includes an e-book written by your teacher David)
  • Practice (3 skype sessions, where you will receive instructions according to your level, and you will get to explain all your doubts to your instructor)

This is my first advice when people are desperate, have tried everything and are still stuck in their heads!!




When people ask me “who is your therapist?” I send them to David William Glinka, and invite them to participate in his 4 weeks course on meditation…

  • Online, (no excuse for being far away)
  • Includes theory (his own e-book, really clear and written in plain english)
  • 4 sessions of practice, done through skype, one session every week.

Meditation didn´t change my life radically, but it did change DRAMATICALLY the way I reacted to everydaylife hardcore situations (like having my own baby at home in 57 minuts, or witnessing my home being burned in 27 minutes)

Big Value!

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  1. Organic English

    “My life was a mess when David recommended me a book and I started meditating, he became my companion and guided me. I had everything, good job, status, even a fiancé and a very, very busy life, but I was so UNHAPPY, EMPTY, I had ANXIETY, and the worst is that could not name it. Meditating made it worst at first, as I realized how tired I was, and how unhappy and empty I felt.

    – I stopped making other people responsable and I took charge of my life and emotions.
    – I learned to manage my phisical pain, I learned to listen to my own mind, and DES-Identifying myself from it…
    How this helped me in “real life”?
    – Well, having my second baby in 50 minutes, just with my husband, and not falling into panic attack…
    – Also WITNESSING really hardcore situations that should not happen to anybody, like the burning of my home in 27 minutes AND STILL KEEPING CERTAIN PEACE OF MIND…

    HARDLY RECOMMENDED! Online (no excuse if you live abroad), DIY (in the sense that you are the one sitting) but at the same time PERSONALIZED (you meet in skype with your tutor to talk about your situation and even meditate together)

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