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Magnets Therapy and Intuitive Healing

I have treated more than 350 people around Orgiva, and online only in the last 3 years. Over the time I have honed my intuitive skills, and I am able to tune into your body, from where I receive information concerning your health, live situation and your personal journey.

7 years ago, I studied Magnet therapy with Dr. Goiz, so I use and teach you to use therapeutic magnets to balanced your pH levels whilst correcting any unbalances that could be leading to host bacteria virus, parasites or fungus. As well as disfunctions in the main glands of your body.

I can also reduce the root o any imbalance that she finds whether it be emotional stress, challenging relationships or unresolved issues. Via my ultrasensitive hands I am able to bypass your mind, and allow you to listen your body´s wisdom.