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Your Overgrown Brain. How to survive the masacre

Video and blog with some very useful advices on how to bypass your mind to arrive to the here and now…

Your brain is constantly working. Finding problems, solving them, making you feeling disconnected from your body…You don´t sleep, you are constantly thinking or worrying, you can´t stop… and if there is not a problem…YOUR BRAIN INVENTS IT!!!!

The good news, is that is your brain, is not YOU. And this is the first step: to stop it. Stop it does not mean that you become stupid. It doesn´t mean not to use it again… Is about USE it, not BEING USED.


To create inner space, inner peace, not depending on the solution to a problemm… Why? because your brain is stealing vital energy that you need to heal, to laugh and to enjoy the seetness of life…


I give you three magic tips that changed my life

  1. Read the Power of Now, by Eckart Tolle. You can find it in Amazon, is such an amazing book
  2. Check the video for the magnets positions (minut 2 more or less). Basically put the negative of the magnet on your right part of the neck and the positive on the left side of your neck
  3. Check the video fo the most powerfull exersise ever!! Hands in heart, concentrate on the body sensations, and wait for the first thought (count the seconds…)

Of course, I also recommend you a session with me! :))

I say bye bye, see you next week!!!



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