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  • Pam Gregory

    Pam Gregory

    «(During the session) my whole torso was boiling, not with heat, but with energy moving around and being released. I felt that old stuck energy from the ages was being let go.

    Celia can see inside you, and speak to the organs in your body (amazing!) and she said many highly accurate and insightful things about emotional issues from the past,
    She then used magnets to eliminate candida, something I have struggled with literally for decades after many antibiotics. I felt I was in an altered state during the whole session, and afterwards felt lighter and clearer than I’ve felt in a long time.

    I feel reborn, younger, stronger, and many people have commented on how much younger I look. I feel that my health is so improved that I’ve been given a second chance at life – at 62! All this after one session with Celia. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.»

  • Sally Kirby

    Sally Kirby

    «My healing session with Celia came at a time when my body was shouting for attention. Her words on meeting me, ‘your body tells me you don’t listen’. I live in my head. The messages my body had been giving me were manifesting as physical and mental illnesses,

    I was overwhelmed with depression and anxiety. Celia, knowing only my name and date of birth, was able to read me, within a matter of minutes she was describing my dream life – and saying, that’s all coming.
    She also gave me advice and steps to get started.
    (…)Sixty minutes later I floated out of the session, with bio magnets and self-practice to help rebalance the organs which were particularly out of balance.

    Celia gave me hope, that what I wanted was coming, and, a year later, I can say, it’s already started to and I’m so grateful to Celia for her intuition, wisdom and healing hands.

    If you’re struggling to make sense of things on a physical level, it’s time to go deeper, let Celia speak to your body on a spiritual level – you will be enlightened for sure.»

  • Fertility - Alexa

    Fertility - Alexa

    «Celia is such a kind and humble person with an amazing intuition.

    When I had a session with her as I was struggling with my fertility.
    She could see the inner turmoil I was creating and gave me the confidence to let go of my concerns and trust my body. Rather than feeling frustrated with my body she helped me understand that my body just wasn’t quite ready for another child after having a C-Section previously.

    However, she was certain I would be pregnant within 2 months and sure enough, 2 months later I was pregnant! Thank you so much for helping me to understand my body more. Somehow Celia managed to alter my negative way of thinking and turn it into a positive. I have learnt a lot about myself and life since meeting Celia! I would highly recommend her.»

  • Skype session - Pam

    Skype session - Pam

    «The Skype session was remarkable. Celia can easily ‘see’ inside my body, and know what is happening with the organs. She can tell me what is happening, how far they are up or down from before, and exactly what I have to do with the magnets to fix anything that isn’t balanced. It was very comprehensive. She then gave me twenty minutes of healing, which I felt strongly like a vortex. I had a very low pulse, and I could feel her working on my heart and strengthening the pulse. I felt very much better straight after the session, which was lucky as I had an hour long live video interview, which went really well. I’m sure it would have gone much less well without her healing boost. Remarkable, and highly recommended. Celia is an exceptional talent, and I am blessed to have met her.»

  • Sara


    «After having such a wonderful magnet therapy experience with Celia at KaliYoga, I was delighted to discover that she offered online sessions through Skype. I’ve now had several online sessions and they’re just as powerful, if not more so, than my in-person session at KaliYoga. One of the incredible benefits of having an online session is that Celia could see where I was physically sitting (I had my session in my office) and direct me to move slightly to sit in a better energy area. What a difference this small adjustment has made! As I spend a large portion of my day sitting at my desk, a seemingly small change such as this has created huge positive waves in my well being. Who knew that the simple location of a chair could zap energy and motivation?

    I genuinely look forward to each session with Celia, and we’re rapidly working through each niggle and irritation, from lethargy to skin problems, and from a tight jaw to calming a frantic mind (and many other things in-between). One of the best parts is that the magnet therapy is so easy! Just pop the magnets on the right areas, read a book or listen to music whilst you wait 15 minutes for the treatment to work its magic, and then you’re done! I feel like I’m finally starting to get more life out of life. Thank you Celia – these sessions are priceless.»

  • Katie Page

    Katie Page

    «Su apoyo, bondad e intuición han sido invaluables para mí y mi familia.»

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