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Buying a pair of magnets for yourself and reading a couple of books on magnetic therapy, is not usually enough to give you the security you need to work with them.

You need to understand how to assess leg length discrepancy (or as we say in the BiomagFamily, “getting the foot response”) and know exactly where on the body to place the magnets, eliminating any doubts or insecurities you may have.

For those of you who are starting from zero and have never heard of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy or those of you who know a little about it but wish to develop more skills, self confidence and feel sure applying magnets to the body, read on to learn all about my foundation course in Biomagnetic Pair Therapy…

Here’s a little story:

My friend Veronica has a young child who had a savage outbreak of atopic dermatitis. This was not the usual childhood eczema that most young kids have at some point, with a little bit of itchy skin behind the knees. This was acute and stubborn dermatitis, covering a large part of his body.

When we met she had been giving her son conventional treatments for several years, mostly oral medicines and topical creams, with no meaningful results.

Veronica was frustrated and felt impotent because she just didn’t know what else to do to help him. 

So I talked to her about biomagnetic pair therapy (BPT) and her curiosity was sparked… she was willing to give it a go. She had no idea what it was, not in the slightest. She had never heard of the biomagnetic pair and never came across this therapeutic magnetic world in any way. As you can imagine she was also pretty sceptical about it.

So I gifted her a pair of magnets and posted them out to her.

When these arrived by post she was nervous and worried that the magnets might make her boy’s skin worse or concerned they may cause any harm.

So I gave her some directions:

“Ok, today for 13 minutes; positive magnet in the right hand and negative magnet in the left hand”

And she would ask; 

“Where exactly is the spleen? How do I hold the magnets? What happens if I leave them on longer or if he takes them off sooner?

Her knowledge was truly zero…  Her fear, uncertainty and her distrust were very present.

But Veronica was intrigued and went ahead to do the basic course because she wanted to learn more. And it only took her a couple of days to get through all the video lessons.

Despite being someone who was starting from scratch and who didn’t have a clue, she quickly understood way more than some people I know who have spent years trying to figure out how biomagnetism works. She quickly got to grips with “getting an answer from the foot” (you know, the leg length discrepancy) and where the magnets need to be placed depending on what’s going on.

And of course, if you don’t understand what it’s about and how it works, you will never develop real trust in the healing power of the magnets.

*Now, don’t get me wrong, the magnets didn’t miraculously cure her son’s skin, and they won’t necessarily heal dermatitis. Veronica continued learning, applying sound scientific practices and came to understand that atopic dermatitis is a chronic illness. She added the magnets as another tool into her holistic approach. She found them really effective to calm herself and her son, as well as using them to heal her mother’s anxiety, deal with stressful situations and help her partner’s digestive issues.

So… how can we explain BPT in a way that’s easily understood by anyone?

You could spend years researching, attending courses (as I did when I started out) and watching tutorials… And still not really get to grips with some of the basic concepts behind magnetic therapy or have the certainty that you’re doing the right thing when you put a magnet on the body. 

Gradually feeling ever more frustrated…

But really there is no need for complicated or unnecessary technical jargon to learn magnetic therapy…

Allow yourself the opportunity to learn with ease through stories and metaphors that will ignite your imagination, helping you to easily assimilate how your body works and what it needs.  

Making learning simple and accessible is my signature teaching technique that has established me in the field.

My teaching method enables anyone, irrespective of their point of departure or level of knowledge, to understand and use BPT as a powerful and natural therapy to heal physical and emotional ailments. I have helped so many understand that you don’t need to be a medical or anatomical expert, professional therapist or homeopath to learn and apply this technique.

This course gathers the knowledge and experience of teaching over 900 students since we set out in 2010.

Basic online biomagnetic pair course.

This is a foundational course where you will learn the key concepts of biomagnetic pair therapy and will end up having all the necessary tools and “know how” to apply magnet therapy to yourself and your loved ones.

Once you have finished the course you will have learnt (amongst many other things) how to balance the pH of the body, how to scan the body to find imbalances as Isaac Goiz taught it and how to understand the idea of a pathogenic “reservoir”.

This course is intended to initiate you so that you can use magnets on yourself or your loved ones, children, parents etc. It doesn’t matter if you have ever learnt anything about the subject before or if you have applied magnets to anyone or don’t dare yet, and you don’t even have to have any magnets.

With a one year access and ongoing weekly question and answer sessions for a month.

What you will learn during the basic online biomagnetic pair course:

Three modules will take you through your learning  journey:


  • Learn basic concepts that will allow you to understand the magnets from within.

  • You’ll be able to explain in plain English what a magnet is, what biomagnetism is and how the magnets work on your body.

  • Know which magnets to buy, (not all of them are therapeutic, and you can waste a lot of time and money in the process of finding good ones).

  • Understand the positive and the negative pole, and know how to find them on any magnet.


  • Create a solid knowledge base from where  to understand Biomagnetism, and understand the reason to the positions that the magnets are placed (so you can apply the magnets using your own brain, not my notes).

  • Learn the properties of each magnetic pole, learn which magnet to apply if you feel pain (yes, any pain, anywhere), or if you need to go to the toilet…

  • Use the knowledge to make your own magnetic water, (the magnets can change the structure of the water… making it healing and therapeutic!)

  • Learn the three positions I have used with success, almost everyday since 2010 with my daughters, and my grandmas. 

  • We go through the other renowned magnetic pioneer Bansal’s discoveries. His five rules of thumb will probably change the way you look at magnets… and use them.

  • Are you familiar with Chakras? You will be, and will learn how to use the magnets to balance them, activate or calm them.

  • Learn where and how to keep and take care of the magnets (so your electronic devices are kept safe) and how to travel with them.

  • After seeing the last video of this module, you will know exactly the magnets to go for when presented with all the different types of magnets you could find in a shop. You will know all about size, strength…


  • Learn the scanning technique that Goiz created, so you can re-establish balance of pH in your body.

  • This is the module where you need to put the knowledge in motion: Let’s practice Goiz body scan method.

  • Learn the two exercises that will allow you to connect easily with your body and learn all the anatomic points by only  investing five minutes of your time a day during a month.

  • The sequence of how you work through your session does not alter the outcome… or does it? You need to follow a very precise order to do the body scan correctly and you will learn exactly that during this module.

  • Covid has changed the way we relate with people and the way we heal people. In this module you will also learn how to do body scan from afar and apply the treatment.


  • My book “Magic Magnet”

  • The precise body scan with all the points  you need to test each with it’s related pathogen that.

  • A list with the emotional pairs that I most use in sessions.

How much does the basic online biomagnetic pair course cost?


Including vat

Many students already know what the course content is and here are some of their testimonials.


When you discover the biomagnetic pair, you have this need to learn everything about it, but you don’t know exactly where to start. You surf the net looking for directions to go in and ping…. Celia appears with her simple spontaneity and all doubts disappear. She is like a key, able to make easy all that seems complicated and takes you straight to the core, without getting lost in jargon or time-wasting. She creates a calm, intimate and fun environment to learn in. It’s not any old biomagnetic pair course, rather a special occasion to awaken and connect with yourself and those you work with. Without a shadow of a doubt, this has been the before-and-after turning point of my life. Thank you so much Celia! 

Silvia Diez, Student

Celia has left an imprint on my person. The thing that impacted me the most is her way of transmitting the knowledge in a clear and direct way, especially with the subjects that are most complicated to understand. Her sensitivity and transparency are captivating and allow the knowledge to go straight into the heart. She is someone who has inspired me to believe in myself, has given me the foundations of biomagnetism and shared secrets that are not shared elsewhere, which is priceless. Thank you Celia for being by my side and continuing to teach me every day.

Judith Basols, Student

This is what you receive when you buy the 


  • One year’s access to all the videos and content (which are short, concise and to the point).

  • Exercises and PDF content ready to download and/or print if you want to have it to hand.

  • One month online support, to answer all your doubts  (via google forms)


Including vat

So, now that you have all the information here are some frequently asked questions that my help resolve any of doubts that you may still have:

When does this course begin and when will I get acces to all the content?

Once you have bought the course and we have verified the payment, we will register you during the next working day.

I have already taken a course in biomagnetic pair, will this give me any new knowledge?

This is a basic course on biomagnetic pair therapy, the advanced course is only available in Spanish for now.

I have very little time and am not sure if I will be able to keep up with the rhythm of the course, how do you recommend I go about it?

You have a full year’s access to all the contents and during one month you can ask all the questions you need via google forms which I will either answer via video response or audio response. I will send these answers on Sundays, so you will be able to learn at your own rhythm.

As well as this, you have access to the many questions I answered previous students. 

I am currently doing another course and I’m unsure I will be able to do both at the same time.

This is really down to your priorities and time management. Some people who sign up are in full time employment and have family responsibilities, and still manage to fit in the learning around these. It’s all down to finding a small space every day to watch the videos and do the practice. They are short and easy to understand. Some people manage to get through the content in a couple of days then move onto practice.

Are there any payment plans?

You can pay in three monthly instalments of €80 each.  Let me know by email and I can give you the details.

What is the body scan? How do you learn about this on the course?

The body scan (named “rastreo” by Isaac Goiz) is a group of points, which Goiz discovered over a period of time and are associated to different ailments. And yes, we learn about these on the course.

Can we apply what we learn on the course to ourselves ?

Yes you can, in fact the basic course is intended for this purpose, so you can apply what you’ve learnt to yourself, your friends and family. On the other hand, the advanced course is aimed towards those who want to set up a practice, so you also learn how to manage clients and have to fulfill a set amount of case studies.

Is it actually possible to acquire these skills doing an online course?

I will let the students answer this. Obviously I’m going to say that it is, that it’s totally possible to acquire these skills online. Otherwise I wouldn’t have spent the past five years teaching this content online, it wouldn’t be sustainable. At the moment we have over 97 active students on the basic course and over one thousand students have been through the academy to date.

Is it necessary to have anyone to practice on to begin the course?

Ideally having someone to practice on is helpful but I have designed exercises so that you can practice on yourself while you get going.

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